Ideas for Bloons and Towers!Edit

Your bloons & towers ideas are now here for you!

For Bloons and Towers Ideas only. Ok! I have for 1 for Bloons and 1 for Towers! Have fun making your own ideas!

Bloons IdeasEdit

Spike Bloon:It can't be popped by darts. Contains a Lead Bloon. You see this first on Round 25.

Tower IdeasEdit

Nunchuck Monkey:Throws 1 nunchuck that pops 10 bloons in a time! Costs $100/150/250


Path 1:

Double Chucks: Throws 2 nunchucks at the same time! Costs $150/200/300

Gold Nunchucks: Throws gold nunchucks that pops 20 bloons! Costs $400/500/750

Super Nunchucks: Throws Super gold nunchucks that pop 40 bloons and even throws 4 nunchucks and pops lead and frozen bloons! Costs $1000/1575/2250

Hyper Monkey:Throws nunchucks super fast! Costs $2500/3450/5915

Path 2:

Mountain Hop: Adds extra range to your tower. Costs $150/475/680

Sharpy Chucks: Adds spikes to your nunchucks. Costs $1000/1650/2450

Money Giver: Gives you $1000 every minute. Costs $2500/5000/7500

Magic Boom: Every time it pops a bloon,it goes kaboom! Costs $3500/5500/10000